The Value Of Other Forms Of Life

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Module 1 Discussion B 3

A. Humans are superior to other forms of life.

Humans are mammals that walk and rule the earth. Asger Holbolth of North Carolina State University and his colleagues arrived at a recently new estimate. Astonishingly, there is new fossil evidence that links to our most common ancestor of humans on earthy anywhere from 2 million to 10 million years ago Hobolth said (Hobolth 2105).

B. Humans are in charge of the earth.

It is the responsibility of humans on earth to utilize the knowledge and wisdom and take care of Mother Earth in a sustainable way. Scientist, Geographers, Anthropologist, Morphologist, GIS’ers, Scuba Divers, to perform research and develop procedures of preserving our valuable assets on Earth. Which makes them large and in charge.

C. The value of other forms of life depends only on whether they are useful to humans.

Whether or not various forms of life are useful or non-useful, they all have a right to inhabit the earth. As shared in the Human Population Growth video, the St. Helena Olive may not seem to have any use; however any green plant exudes oxygen to humans. The bacterium Fungi helps to decompose a dead carcass in the rural land. All forms of life have something to contribute whether we can see it with the natural eye or not.

D. Based on past extinctions and the history of life on earth over the last 3.5 billion years, biologist hypothesize that all forms of life eventually become extinct, and we should not
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