The Value Of Personal Privacy

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The value of personal privacy in American society is something that seems to dwindle every day. We have access to wonderful technologies such as personal assistants, social media, and much more; however, most of these great items empirically come at the expense of one’s privacy. As a simple example, Eric Boughman, a contributor for the Forbes Legal Council, wrote an article stating that while the Amazon Echo is an amazingly practical device, it is always listening to conversations and may even be storing them in the cloud. (Council, 1) Boughman analyzed Amazon’s privacy policy, finding that Amazon does indeed store voice recordings and other personal information on a cloud server, and while this data is able to be deleted, Amazon does not recommend deleting it, as doing so may “degrade the experience”. Personal assistants are far from the only case of privacy being infringed due to technology, and we believe that this is a major issue. The tech industry will continue to pump out devices which close the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, and as they continue to do this, the value of our personal privacy will continue to take a toll. It is for this reason that we will provide the foundation for a new privacy law to be enacted in America, allowing Americans to submit requests to have their personal data removed from a server when they feel it has been misused.

The adoption of this new law may help eliminate the potential for individual data abuse in the short term,
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