The Value Of Personality And Values

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Personality and values…everyone has them. Each plays a crucial role that makes us unique and sets us apart from everyone else. Values are the foundation on which an individual’s personality sits. Values lie within a person’s core. It’s a belief system as to what is right, good, wrong, or bad, also known as ethics. Values have two attributes, content and intensity. Content defines the importance and intensity measures the importance and forms their value system. Values can be classified a little bit further. “Milton Rokeach created the Rokeach Value Survey. It consists of two sets of values, each containing 18 individual value items” (Robbins, 2013, p145). The first set is terminal values, which are the goals a person sets to accomplish during their lifetime. An example is living a healthy lifestyle. The second set is instrumental values, which are the actions a person takes to attain their terminal values. An example is personal discipline to exercise and eat healthy. Personality is a little more difficult to define. At best, it is “the measurable traits a person exhibits” (Robbins, 2013, p133). Personality is made up of perpetual characteristic patterns, of an individual’s emotions, behaviors, perceptions, and reactions to an array of events, one example being stress. Patterns such as aggressive, submissive, ambitious, and timid are called personality traits or attributes. The more frequently the traits arise in distinct situations, the more dominant the
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