The Value Of Physical Education

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nutritional value. Physical education is slowly starting to be eliminated as a required course, which is promoting an unhealthy nation. If society looks deep enough there is a theory that defines the lack of nutrition and exercise promoted in schools as a way to stretching of yoga can reduce stress (Harvard Health, 2011). Scientific studies of Indian yoga masters demonstrate that meditation can slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduce breathing rate, diminish the body’s oxygen consumption and reduce blood adrenaline levels (Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 2013). When working out, people should notice that the body feels differently afterward. The stress that is held in the muscles seems to fade away leaving a body and…show more content…
Exercise and physical activity has proven to have a positive impact on the well-being of children, adolescents, adults and seniors, why not utilize the lasting effects as a source of treatment?
As exercise helps balance hormones and enhance the physical and mental health, nutrition feeds the process by adding the complementary nutrients and dietary supplements that make the effects last. Nutritional value is extremely important to regulate the bodies systems. Poor nutrition can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and health degradation is endless. Children and adolescents are subjected to poor nutritional food facts which cause them to make poor decisions on what to consume. They will tend consume higher amounts of calories that with a sedentary lifestyle will cause anxiety, stress, obesity and diabetes. Calories are both good and bad, its defining both in terms of food types becomes difficult. This is why guidance from parents and schools is imperative to teach healthy eating habits. Eating to relieve stress is common and in the short term works but the nutritional value of what is eaten is poor, turns into a negative on the both the body and the mind. Foods high in sugar, carbohydrates, and saturated fat are known as “comfort foods”, these give a quick euphoric feel, increasing serotonin levels, reducing anxiety and stress
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