The Value Of Positive Guidance

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II. Introduction
Purpose: The purpose of my personal philosophy is to show the value of positive guidance. I want to demonstrate that children are capable of learning new skills that will help them in their development. The importance of positive guidance is to prepare children for adulthood. Through various activities and instruction children will learn ethical principals.
Organization: I will start my essay by explaining the importance of positive child guidance. Then I will discuss about how children best in the environment and doing activities. I will discuss about the motives in children’s behavior. Then, I will explain the type of skills children need to learn for primary grades and later in life. I will discuss how adults need to create a relationship with children. Adult and Child learn from each other. I will also discuss goals for guidance and behavioral objectives. At the end, I will discuss about techniques for positive child guidance.
Limitations: I will be unable to cover activities that promote positive behavioral because there is a variety of activities to choose from. I will also be unable to cover various types of positive guidance because there is a lot of information to cover. III. Discussion
Assumption About How Children Learn: Children learn best when teachers build trust with children, when children find acceptance in a group, when children feel worthy, when children are capable of expressing their emotions, when children feel safe in the…
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