The Value Of Public Education

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In Thomas Jefferson’s legislative bill for the state of Virginia in 1776, he outlined a need for the establishment of “…a school for teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic…and every person is entitled to send their children three years gratis, and much longer as they please, paying for it,” (Smith). Jefferson stressed the need for a public-school system, in which every student had a right to a basic education. Although having gone through modifications, the basic public school system is still in place to this day. To fully take advantage of one’s public education, one must take an active and responsible role in their education. This means that one must be accountable, diligent, and productive in their work as well as contribute to the classroom…show more content…
For example, when doing a long-term project for a class, a student who is productive and diligent would not put the project off until last minute. The results of such procrastination lead to a maladaptive lifestyle, in which there are negative repercussions in which personal competence diminishes due to the effect of procrastination on one’s social and personal life (Rosário et al.). What can be deduced from this is that procrastination can lead to a lifestyle where interferences outside of school can impact a student’s overall performance in school. However, through being diligent and productive with their schoolwork, students can avoid this maladaptive lifestyle through chronic procrastination and continue to be…show more content…
One might take up the popular vote that dedication to school can lead to excessive hours of study and a lack of sleep. Per a study by Eaton, Ph.D. et al., about 68.9% of questioned high school students got an insufficient (less than 7 hours) of sleep per night, of which about 6% claimed to have gotten less than 4 hours of sleep (2). However, I argue back that the diligence the students should not lead to excessive, long nights, but rather to good study habits and time management. This will prevent late nights of strenuous work, as the work would have been divided among several days or weeks to spread out the workload. Some might then argue back that sometimes the students do not have control over their workload and spontaneous assignments that interrupt their schedule; sometimes it is the teacher’s spontaneous and strenuous assignments that cause the students to stay up so late working on projects. However, to counteract that statement, I claim that problems like these should not be occurring in a supportive public school system. The teachers should be supportive of the children for whom they are providing a public education for. Others might also argue against spreading ideas in class, especially with ideas of religion,
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