The Value Of Self Actualization

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What is a belief and why do we have them? What purpose do they hold and how do we come to develop them? Barrett Values Centre, a company that specializes in leadership development, defines them this way, “Beliefs are assumptions we hold to be true. They are contextual. They arise from learned experiences, resulting from the cultural and environmental situations we have faced.” The origins of these beliefs are incredibly important to know as we define ourselves and live our lives by these assumptions. Incorrect or dangerous beliefs are perpetuated simply because no one has come to challenge them. They live on through ignorance. It is obvious that people should question their beliefs and values as it leads to self-actualization, it creates critical thinkers and generates global awareness. Thinking critically about these beliefs also goes a long way in helping to dissolve these destructive values and to cultivate progressive ones. Self-Actualization is a theory developed and made famous by American psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 20th century. It was a concept that was meant to explain human motivation and development. Maslow created a five-stage pyramid to represent the different levels a person must achieve in order to become a fully-actualized individual that has found their purpose in life. These stages are in order from the base of the pyramid to the peak: Physiological Needs (such as food, water, shelter), Safety needs (feeling secure), Belongingness and Love needs,
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