The Value Of Service Quality Essay

1783 Words8 Pages Consumer Online Repurchase (Continuance) According to ( Butcher ,2005 , and Hellier et al., 2003) defined repurchase intention as ‘the individual’s judgment about buying again a designated service from the same company, taking into accounts his or her current situation and likely circumstances’, and also regarded as a sound service outcome that is measurable, and intentions-as-expectations. Service quality has a significant effect on repurchase intention, through a direct link between service quality, Customer Satisfaction, and behavioral intentions Among the various behavioral intentions, considerable emphasis has been placed on the impact of service quality in determining repeat purchase, which the more satisfied the customers are the greater is their retention and customer loyalty, while service quality influences a customer’s subsequent behaviour, intentions and preferences. When a customer chooses a provider that provides service quality that meets or exceeds his or her expectations, he or she is more likely to choose the same provider again. In addition, the hospitality’s reputation plays an important role in determination of purchase, repeated purchase, and customer loyalty (Choi et al., 2004, Yongyui, Cronin, Jones and Farquhar, 2003, Brady and Hult, 2000). Psychological factors such as Satisfaction, confirmation and loyalty incentives as salient factors are impact affecting on consumer online repurchasing, and also product/service characteristics,
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