The Value Of Stilt Houses Built Over Water Pre 19th Century

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A study in Southeast Asia of Stilt Houses built over water pre 19th century. ARCHHTC 340: Oceanic Architecture and Urbanism Nadia Ayshah Kathryn Rivai 1839895 2016 This essay will explore an understanding into stilt houses built over water on the island of Borneo of Southeast Asia before the nineteenth century. I chose to specifically investigate the value of stilt houses in Borneo because as a singular building how it became the container of a life for various the tribes. Following the migratory patterns of these tribes into Borneo and across it, I hope to unravel how these tribes ‘fashion’ their environment but more importantly the characteristics of the stilt house and its value to its community. The map below shows where Borneo is in relation to the Southeast Asia area. Tim Ingold mentions in an essay that, “ Human beings are makers of the world”. This is evident through my research in a way that we understand how communities travel across the seas around Borneo to take on a new way of living within their newly formed tribes. These tribes make do with what they have in a completely new environment. As more and more communities spread across the coasts, setting up their new life, so did the distinction between the various tribes. The earliest record of people in Borneo were suggested by Kemp Pallesen, who is a linguistic profession. By using his ‘comparitive linguistic data’, Pallesen proposed there dispersion of the Bajau tribe from the

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