The Value Of Taking Responsibility

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The Value in Taking Responsibility During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s a series of laws and campaigns were instated to prevent forest fires. It was believed that forest fires would greatly damage the timber industry due to the loss of trees the forests would suffer as a result. The longer these campaigns persisted, the worse the forest fire breakouts became, and the forests continued to degrade. Many animals were also displaced and threatened as a result of these intense fires. Eventually forestry researchers and conservationists started looking at what fires did to the various ecosystems. They found that fires actually promote the growth of healthier, stronger trees by burning the weak trees and providing more nutrients for the soil. By suppressing fires, the forests experienced large amounts of degradation, and many animals were threatened by the loss of sustainable habitats. Controlled burns every few years actually benefits all the organisms living in that ecosystem, however, in some places it’s nearly impossible to burn. After so many years of fire suppression the leaf litter has accumulated to such large amounts that any fire started would burn to hot and high for the forest to survive. Human interests often times have profound affects on the world around them. There are many instances like the above example in which peoples own self-interests end up hurting and degrading the environment around them. In the aftermath of events such as this, there are many…
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