The Value Of The Basketball Team

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Breathing Success Without struggle and suffering there is no learning and understanding. I 've learned the value of this teaching while spending time in high school. When I was in high school I dreamt of playing with the best basketball players; however, I lacked the mobility due to my 240 pounds. Dragging my Flaming Hot Cheetos eating behind across the court, I pushed all the buttons I could to drop the weight, in order for me to have the slightest chance of making the basketball team. Each stride I took brought me closer and closer to my goal. Running off the Mochiko Chicken out of my system, I still had problems dealing with my ego. As I gasped for air many doubts filled my mind, but there was only one saying that I kept…show more content…
The combination of Thomas being a speaker, educator, and pastor also reveals his pedantic and flamboyant tone that engages his audience. To motivate the younger generation college students Thomas uses the ETA method. "The Estimated Time of Arrival" method (ETA) is to motivate and inspire communities, organizations, and subgroups to grow ("About" Para 1). Growing not as one, but as a "group" allows everyone to transcend to their highest potential. Battling through adversity is a true testament of the physical, physiological, emotional, and spiritual ability of every individual. Thomas emphasized true pain and adversity in the ending of his speech establishing his appeal to ethos or credibility as he uses an anecdote. "I was homeless for two and a half years...and my mother kicked me out as she said you have to grow up"("Motivational" 11:19). Speaking amongst his personal story, he engages with his audience by saying that he was homeless. To connect and engage with the audience, Thomas showed that at first hand he knows how it feels to be at the bottom and struggle and in doing so allowed the audience to feel compassion and sympathy, but as pain appeals to the audiences emotions, Thomas juxtaposes the appeal of Pathos or motion with his appeal to Ethos and logos. " took me twelve years to get a four year degree but I got it and guess what but on a degree it don’t have dates."
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