The Value Of The Marketing Model Canvas

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Introduction Airbnb was founded in August of 2008, and it started in San Francisco, California. Airbnb provides an international platform for people to list, discover and book unique lodging accommodations in their matter an apartment or castle, you can have access by Airbnb with unique travel experiences, at relative lower price, in more than 33,000 cities and 192 countries. And Business Model Canvas is used to evaluate related value created to customers by the company. Furthermore, the discussion about the value delivery system connected to value proposition as well as its main activities and competitors will be present in the following. Value Proposition from customer perspectives Due to the adoption of the new technology and…show more content…
The success of Airbnb certainly is a result of the innovation of travel agency. The company concerned the gap between consumer’s desired state and actual state then provided them a platform to engage with. It is significantly different with the traditional linear model. Certainly, there is no market strategy can serve all customers. For property owners, Airbnb enables them to earn extra money by listing their extra rooms and house online with a savvy price. It also helps them to build connection globally. Likewise, Airbnb also creates great value for those travellers, and it satisfies their different demands with a considerable fair price. It also assists them to build a connection with the local community quickly, which provides them with an opportunity to experience the unique local culture and satisfy their psychological need that can enrich their travel experience. Value Delivery System According to Dr. Erik A. Mooi (2015), the value delivery system is assessing from three different dimensions. Airbnb aims to build up a whole new experience for travellers and house renters nowadays. Airbnb sparked the entire market by offering a unique customization in their search engine by host languages, price ranges and the most distinct property types. The convenience and wide accessibility of Airbnb such as worldwide website and mobile apps, widen their market share and eased the booking process
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