The Value Of Utilitarianism

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I Agree To Utilitarianism
In the world we are today utilitarianism is something that the world tends to do. We believe that in time of crises we must pursue “the greatest good for the greatest number” for the benefit of us and others. The result of this action have saved many people and it continues to help. I support utilitarianism for the good moral actions people take.
People has made the right moral decisions when saving because of utilitarianism. For instance, there are two ships, one ship have 300 people inside, the other only have 100 and both are sinking, which one will you fix? If people make the right moral decision they will fix the ship with 300 people inside because the ship have the ‘greatest number’ of people. Though it is a
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During WW2 United States dropped atomic bombs on those two Japanese towns, nearly whipping out their whole population. The reason for this was that people were aware of Japan developing atomic weaponries which was a threat that US can’t undertake. Also Japan could use these atomic weapons to imperialise many countries even the world. This reason pushed the US to use the atomic bomb before this takes place for themselves and others. Even if it means killing more than a million people for the sake of billions. The US did the greatest good for the greatest number whereby the greatest good was bombing the two towns and the greatest number was the world or other countries. If this action have not taking place, the world won’t be as it is today. Their right decision ended WW2 and saved many lives.
Some people may argue that people won’t carry out their everyday activity if they are utilitarian which is indisputable, utilitarianism might might make people obligate themselves to help. For example, if you want to buy a ring for your wife and you see two hungry children on the street who needs to eat, ‘will’ or ‘must’ you help them? Morally yes but must we make moral decisions all the time, must utilitarianism impel us to help everyone and anyone in need. Because of this, utilitarian demands don’t represent genuine normative
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