The Value Proposition Of My Company Essay

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1. In one sentence of less than 20 words, what benefits does your idea deliver to buyers/users? My idea is to create a computer software company that creates cell phone applications and website for people. 2 What is the Value Proposition that your company or organization offers to solve customer problems and satisfy their needs? Your response should address value proposition items to include a distinct mix of elements catering to a customer segment’s needs. Values may be quantitative, such as price or speed of service, or qualitative, such as design or customer experience. Please respond with one paragraph of approximately 100 words The value proposition that my company offers is help people who want to create applications for phones, and websites but do not have the knowledge or resources to do so. My business will also do consulting work where we will provide customer service help to people who are experiencing problems with developing, or maintaining their websites, or apps. Our company will fix the problems that other people, or business that they cannot fix themselves for a reasonable price. 3. What are the Customer Segments that your company or organization serves? Your response should address customer segment items to include the needs and wants of customers, distribution channels, types of relationships, different profitabilities, and the customers ' willingness to pay. Please respond with one paragraph of approximately 100 words. The customer segments that my
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