The Value Stream Analysis ( Vsa ) Essay

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spent several years in the military trying to convince leaders to use Lean principles to improve their operations. But even when presented with an action plan based on the Value Stream Analysis (VSA) of a costly process, the action plan was rarely implemented by the very organizational leaders who requested the analysis in the first place.

There always seemed to be resistance to using Lean tools that could have led to some very big improvements. At first, I couldn 't figure out why. But after a while, I started noticing certain patterns in the language of reluctant leaders that pointed to some key underlying causes for resistance.

These causes seemed to boil down to the following:

1. Lack of Understanding of Lean Language

2. "We Are Different Because We Are Not A Manufacturing Organization"

3. Organizational Stove-Pipes

4. The True Cost Of Wasteful Processes Not Measured

5. Mobility Of Leadership Personnel

Lean principles can help organizations improve profitability through improved cycle times, productivity and quality, by removing waste from work processes and systems. The resulting reduction in waste also leads to reductions in operating costs. But Lean was born in the manufacturing world. So some of the core concepts pertain to assembly-line set-ups and still use that language (work-in-process inventory, flow cells, kanban-based pull systems, etc.).

Even so, there are many examples of service companies successfully using Lean tools. One of the largest and well
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