The Value of Art

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The Value of Art Art can be misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misplaced in modern society. This is especially true in the life of Christians. Many Christians completely disregard art because they think it is a form of self-worship, a waste of time, or simply have no idea how to approach art. Some Christians will even avoid art museums, performances, and discussions because they do not want anything to do with art. Is something wrong with this negative approach to art? Should Christians participate in or avoid art in its various forms? Can Christians assess and appreciate art in a godly manner? Can studying art actually be beneficial to Christians? These are all questions that have been asked by many believers. Attempting to answer these…show more content…
In this description, art is described as making the viewer think about the work of art, and what it implies. This definition of art is only one of hundreds of attempted definitions of art. Although this definition is good, it is not all-encompassing of all the different forms and meanings that art could take on. It is easy to understand the idea of art, but it is more difficult to figure out where the line is that makes something art. Many people even wander if everything should be considered art, because they do not understand what makes something art. Milton Graser, a well-known graphic designer, described his opinion of what art is, and is not when he said, "My distinction is if it moves you to attentiveness, it is art. If it doesn't, it's something else" (Glaser). Glaser believed that the piece in consideration has to make the viewer be thoughtful to be considered art. Artist, Kazimir Malevich investigated what does not qualify as art in his painting, the Black Square, which was created in 1913. This painting is literally just a black square. Even though this is a simple painting, without lots of objects and colors, the meaning of this painting is very thought provoking. The viewer is required to contemplate what the point of the painting is, whether it should be considered art or not, and how the piece should be characterized. The viewer has to figure out why Malevich created
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