The Value of Cunning over Strength Essay

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Odysseus was the person who originally came up with the idea of the Trojan horse, the strategy by which the Greeks were finally able to take the city of Troy itself and have it fall (Hunter). Odysseus came up with this very cunning idea of to take down Troy. This is what led to the fall of Troy. If he never thought of this idea Troy may have never have fallen. Therefore, Odysseus's amazing wits won over Troy and they could have never done it without him. He could have just said lets go brute force into Troy and most of them if not all of them would have fallen on the battlefield that day. He made sure all the ships and camps were hidden and did it during the celebrating that was happening in Troy. This way he was able to make it…show more content…
Nausicaa shows that by her cunningness she shows she knows how to protect the identities of herself and Odysseus, by having Odysseus follow behind her ( This is a great example of women showing the power of their wits. By her thinking this out she was able to avoid attention brought to herself while walking with the strange man. This is one of the first times we get to see women being cunning in the Odyssey. They have a useful role in the book supporting the theme and helping out Odysseus get back home to his wife. Odysseus encounters Circe, an enchantress. She turns most of his crew into pigs with cursed food and drink, except for Odysseus because he was immune to her enchantments (Book 10). He was immune to them because of a drug given to him by Hermes earlier. He was smart to take and use the drugs Hermes gave him earlier so that he could now negotiate a way to get his men back and be on his way out there. He struck a deal with her by seducing her (Book 12). They were lovers for about a year in exchange for the men to be turned back into humans. This was a very cunning way and selfless act of him to sleep with Circe for a year. He essentially took one for the team so that his men could be back to normal. Odysseus and his crew begin the voyage home, sailing past the island of the sirens. Circe tells Odysseus that if someone hears the sirens, that person will have the uncontrolled
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