The Value of Digital Privacy in the Information Technology Age

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Analysis and Insights On The Value of Digital Privacy
In the Information Technology Age
The need for ensuring the security of nations and enterprises on the one hand and the need for protecting the privacy of individuals on the other, are creating a myriad of conflicts regarding ethics, laws and personal rights. Never before in the history of modern society has there been such a strong emphasis on capturing, analyzing, categorizing and using personal data that had been highly protected in the past for purposes of securing nations (Ottensmeyer, Heroux, 1991). Correspondingly, there has never been a time when every aspect of life in an organization is monitored, from personal computer and telephone use to the use of personal Wi-Fi and networking devices (Riedy, Wen, 2010). The first section of this analysis is to analyze three technologies that allow individuals to research other citizens' data and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches to public access of information. The strategies or steps that citizens can do to protect their confidential information is also discussed as is the Federal law that enables the U.S. Government to gain legal right to make private information public. This specific law is called the Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act and is primarily used for providing greater information sharing within and between government agencies in fighting terrorism, piracy and major crimes (Riedy, Wen, 2010).
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