The Value of Diversity

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1. There are a number of different methods of teaching employees about the value of diversity. Elmore (1997) suggests that we undertake activities that cause us to evaluate ourselves both as individuals and as members of a group. Additionally, exercises that highlight the negativity that stereotyping and discrimination brings can be valuable. Elmore also suggests that we examine both the similarities and differences in people. Workshops can help because they encourage interaction on a human level, so that some of these lessons need not be overtly explained until the end. This strategy will allow for growth and learning both during the exercise and afterwards as well. 2. Alkhalifa (2008) notes that limited perception occurs when reception mechanisms in the brain place a limit on the amount of information that is received. When applied to other people, it results in us seeing those other people in an incomplete way, and sometimes filling in the unseen aspects with shorthand like stereotypes. Often, when we have a limited perception of another person, we received a distorted view of that person's traits and abilities. In many instances, the perception that we have is inaccurate. As we interact more with that person, we may have a greater opportunity for our brains to make evaluations, and with this greater processing our perceptions of the person become less limited and more accurate. 3. It is important to have employees that are diversity conscious in order to ensure a
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