The Value of Nature to Humans

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The Value of Nature Humans project the value of nature because humans are the only beings that are able to produce rational thoughts and are therefore, the only beings that value. Since humans are the only beings that value, they are inherently the only things that determine the value of other things. In addition to my main thesis, I will address where the value in nature originates by explaining the disjoint relationship between humans and non-humans. Expanding on my thesis, I will prove the projection view is correct by showing that all arguments for the recognition view appeal to projection. Projection, meaning, humans project value on to nature rather than recognition, meaning, humans recognize the intrinsic value of nature. The value of nature is a contentious issue that not only concerns environmental ethicists, but also everyday people around the world. As our world becomes more technologically dependent, it seems that we are becoming less concerned with nature. In deciding the future of our planet, it is important that we explore the value of nature and the consequence of destroying it. I will reference and utilize quotes by Holmes Rolston III from his novel, A New Environmental Ethics, as I evaluate the Euthyphro Problem as it applies to the value of nature. The recognition view of the value nature articulates that humans recognize the intrinsic value of nature. Where does the basis for this argument originate? Rolston defends the idea that if an organism performs
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