The Value of Recruitment and Selection to Business Organization

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Human Resource Management Coursework The Value of Recruitment and Selection to Business Organization Table of Content Introduction 2 2. Literature Review 3 2.1 The Process of The Recruitment and Selection 3 2.1.1 Recruitment 5 2.1.2 Selection 7 3 Case Study Analysis 9 3.1 Case Description 9 Case One: Barclaycard International Case 9 Case Two: The Selection and Recruitment in Chinese Multinational Enterprises Case 10 3.3 Summarize the Similarities and Differences of Two Case Studies 13 Conclusion: 16 Reference 17 Introduction Previous to the 1980s, the terms of personnel and employee champion were used to describe the people management in an organization, which considered HR is one of the valuable…show more content…
2.1.1 Recruitment Compared with the function of selection process, the recruitment is much more focused on attracting the potential candidates for the vacant by using various kinds of activities, which may contains the attraction elements (Barber, 1998; Searle, 2003). Those attraction elements needs to follow the different needs or expectation of people in order to increase the probability that people will be attracted by organization as well as accepted the job offer (Sake, 2005; Redman & Wilkinson, 2009;Joseph, 2009). In order to simply maximize the size of candidate, the recruitment process usually is divided into two parts, internal recruitment, which changes the position of employee, and external recruitment, which recruit the individual out of the organization (Redman & Wilkinson, 2009; van der Wagen, 2007). Internal recruitment is considered as a better method to reduce the cost of recruitment and selection process by recognizing the existing employee, who has already awareness of the organizational culture, with a short period of training (BIS, 2009; Luke,
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