The Value of Resource Scheduling

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The Value of Resource Scheduling The duties of a project manager are made of many important tasks that guarantee the completion of a project on time. One of the most important obligations in project management is the resource scheduling and management duty. Due to economic principles and the theories on the demand and supply of goods and services, managers seek to efficiently utilize the resources available to the project (Sprecher, 2000). After reading many different articles on resource scheduling, I came to the conclusion that the person who is in charge of scheduling resources is the most critic player in the business project. Resource scheduling is a way of determining when activities should be performed (Larson & Gray, 2010). To smooth out the demand on the available resources, the manager decides how the resources are use and as such this prevents him from exceeding the given limits or availability of these resources (Lever, 2009). Adequate resource leveling is undertaken so that the project can be delivered on the planned due date. However, managers are faced with different constrains that delay project completion. There are three types of project constrains. These are technological, resource and physical constrains (Larson & Gray, 2010). The technological constrains of a project refers to sequences in which the individual tasks in a project must be completed. For example, in a project for building a house, certain tasks must be completed before others. A frame of
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