The Value of Technology at Home and School

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Students whether they are in kindergarten, high school, or college all value technology, not only in their own personal lives but in their school and when they learn (Swan and Hooft 653). All learners want technology integrated into their schools to make for a more diverse learning experience throughout their schooling. All levels of students want the learnings and lectures to be more challenging, with meaningful instructional activities that require multiple technological aspects (653). Most students do not like the way many teachers are currently trying to integrate technology because the tools and approaches the teachers are using are not the ones that the students use or have found on their own, which are usually simpler and more user friendly (654). There are many ways students can learn and process information. One of these ways is called the cognitive approach; the cognitive approach uses digital technology to extend how students think (Swan and Hooft 651). There are six different categories of digital tools that are affected in this approach: semantic organizing, dynamic modeling, information interpretation, visualization, conversation, and knowledge construction tools (652). This approach, along with technology, stimulates one’s deep critical thinking about any content that is studied (652). This way of teaching takes students to a whole new level of learning above the standard textbook, pencil, pen, and paper. The cognitive approach puts students back into their
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