The Value of a Liberal Education

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In today’s society we view education as many things, but among the many views and opinions of education there are two major views we see that stand out, education is a right for all and education is necessary only for finding a successful career. To be more exact, it is a college education that is or should be available to all and is only necessary for securing a successful job. But before we even begin to think about a job or whether we want to pursue our God-given right to higher education we must first start our journey at the bottom of the educational system. In our lives we all start our journey through education in the same place, the bottom of the educational system. For some this can mean something along the lines such as pre-school, private tutoring, or home-schooling. We eventually work our way up going through kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, and then eventually high school. After high school we are than left two choices, enter directly into the work force, or pursue a higher education. Say we chose to pursue a higher education and go to college; we then have to make another decision, do I want go directly into a certain profession and pursue a degree for that career, or do I want expand my virtues and pursue a liberal education. For now, let us delve into the subject that is a liberal education. The beginning of liberal education spans as far back as to the time of the great Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Plato, as Chuck E. Taylor describes in
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