The Values And Beliefs Of The Staff

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After interviewing and survey teachers at the elementary school a couple of distant items came up. Overall the teachers agreed that as a building there is a strong sense of unity and teamwork. In the majority of results teachers commented that the staff is always willing to help each other. The data behind one survey question backed up this feeling. 4.6/5 teachers felt that teachers in their building were always willing to help out when there was a problem. This theme shows that the values and beliefs of the staff are strong in family unity. They consider each staff member to be part of the family and treat them as such. In addition to being a family, teachers commented that the building administration is supportive of the teachers and did a great job praising them in their students progress. Questions on the survey about building leadership scored the second highest overall with an average of exceeds expectations to the following statement, “Leaders value teachers ideas” and “Leaders in the school trust the professional judgements of teachers.” Three issues that did arise were disconnect between grade level groups, consistent expectations, and teacher development. First the idea that even though they were strong as a family there seemed to be a disconnect between the primary (Kindergarten-second grade) and the elementary (third-fifth grade) seemed to come up multiple times. This is concerning as it seemed as a whole that they felt that it was a strong family but
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