The Values And Values Of School

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The motto at my school Bursted Wood Primary school is Care and Respect, this is introduced from the very start of a child’s academic journey and is known to all pupils and staff and is carried out by all as well. This along with our aims, values etc is displayed throughout the school and is clearly visible to any visitors as this is something that should be clearly recognizable and is normally set out by the head teacher. The schools ethos, aims, missions and values are set and given so to provide for all a code of practice and this is shown throughout our daily practice within school. The ethos, aims and mission would have been talked about as to what the expectations would be and thought out with the management team and planned and developed with staff, pupils, parents, governor and outside agencies within the community who have dealings with the school, these are the values and beliefs. A schools values help to provide a very clear, detailed understanding of behaviour and attitude for their pupils and helps them except these values of the school and how to represent them as they do in the school rules.At our school the way we get across and communicate the schools ethos, mission, aims and values are so important as this is where people who are new to the school can get their first impression of it. These are communicated and advertised in many ways this includes: • On-line/school website As soon as the home page is opened the school motto of care and respect is included

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