The Values Of An Organization High Performance

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In simple words, culture is the way organizations do their things. This can be seen on things repeatedly done by organizations. Culture and strategy shapes each other. They go hand in hand. Let us imagine of an organization without any traces of its history, how will its corporate culture look like? In such a case, this proves to us that what will come up as a company`s culture is determined by the actions selected by it. In order for a company`s culture to blend well with its strategy, there must be a clear formed strategy which considers various stakeholders in the company and include the participation of all members. When “excellence” belongs to the values of an organization high performance will be incorporated and shows in the corporate goals. There will be more ambitions than the goals of leading competitors, and there will be stretched goals for managers. Recommendation (what will work well in Kesses Bakery) Leaders should try to come up with an appropriate balance, meaning to influence local cultures because it will be possible to establish and maintain a unified corporal culture and code of conduct. STRATEGY However, Kesses Bakery has the following strategies; a) The company has a good variety of products compared to its competitors. b) In order to have long term bonding and relationship with its customers, they give an offer discount on big/large purchases order (i.e. volume discount). c) Have a free delivery especially to customers at home on orders given.
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