The Values Of Humanistic Psychology

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I agree with you that one of the values of Humanistic Psychology is its emphasis on human potential for growth. The perspective is hopeful one. It does not mean that humanistic psychologists overlook challenge and darkness in people’s lives (see Hoffman, 2009). I believe that our choice to value individual potential for growth and actualization provides openings for discovering the value(s) of challenges we face in life.
Hoffman, E. (2009). Rollo May on Maslow and Rogers: "No theory of evil". Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 49(4) 484-485. doi: 10.1177/0022167809341567

I agree that it is helpful to remember the assumption. I tend to wonder about the meaning and significance of my clients’ struggles. I also believe that people are always moving forward, no matter how slow the movement might be. These two notions help me to appreciate what can appear to be stagnating in clients’ lives.
What would be helpful for you to keep the assumption in your mind as you matriculate the degree and gain experience as a clinician?

Very good point! Do you have a theory to why May was left out?
Furthermore, Freedom comes with responsibility. One way I think about this is that we have recurrent opportunities to respond. In our ability to respond, we have freedom to make choices that help us to create a path toward actualization. Without recognizing such freedom to choose (to respond), people can fall into a passive attitude regarding life. As a consequence to the
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