The Values Of Social Work

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My aspiration is to pursue social work as a career has progressed over my lifetime. It is the core values of social work that inspire me to want to be a social worker. It is my desire to enable all people of all ages gain, equality and empowerment for a better life. I believe that viewing an individual in their environment and as a whole human being is what can make a difference in the lives of people. It is my desire to help others, to be the person who can help make a difference in the lives of those in need. In service, I want to give back to our communities, in particular families with children. I have the desire and have retained the passion to work and advocate for families and children. My qualities of empathy and compassion will allow me to work with families. I believe in, treating every member with dignity, while recognizing the worth of each individual. I understand that families can be complex and keeping families together is very important for healthy child development. Pursuing my Master of Social Work (MSW)’s degree is a large step on my continuing journey to deliver social work ethics with integrity. Having the Master’s in Social Work will greatly increase my competence in the field as a social worker, where I will make a difference. Having to learn how to overcome my own personal challenges has helped me build character. I have developed characteristics that will help me in the social work profession. Characteristics like empathy and compassion for…

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