The Values Of The Indigenous Village Otavalo

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The indigenous village Otavalo, located in Ecuador, is known for the beauty of its people and surroundings. Situated in the highlands of the Andes mountains, it is surrounded by volcanoes, and known for its famous market. A distinct difference from the United States is how people earn money. Many people in the village make sweaters, blouses, and other traditional wear. They sell their merchandise in the huge market and as a result, most people in the village are well off. They also have more free time on their hands to be with family and friends unlike most of those who work in the U.S.
In this small village, everybody knows everybody. Otaveleños (indigenous group) “have managed to hold on to centuries-old traditions without adopting a ‘quick get dressed, here comes the tourists.” The Otaveleños are proud of their culture and aren’t afraid to show that. Women are seen wearing embroidered clothing, while the norm for men are typical trousers, and a t-shirt. On formal occasions, men wear all white with a sombrero. The language that Otaveleños usually use is Spanish, but the indigenous group often uses their indigenous language – Kichwa. An important value that lies within their culture ties to their hair. In their culture, hair is sacred to them and is typically grown out and braided. Unfortunately, social media pressures many men to cut their hair to ‘fit in,’ so when their hair grows to about twelve or thirteen inches they cut their hair off and repeat.
Most people in the

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