The Values Of The Textbook

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The Values of the Textbook

Description: What media outlets do Why they do it What they should do
1 Worry about file swappers illegally downloading songs (p.72) Sales decrease for recording labels (p.72) Use internet to post music/videos to gain larger audience at less of a cost (p.72)
2 Homogenized radio industry (p.108) Saves money (p.108) Let there be interaction between Deejays and the audience. Live vs. voice tracking (p.108)
3 Introduced VOD-DVRs, iPods, Netflix (p.155) Enables customers to choose what they want to watch and whenever they want, without commercials (p.155) Less commercialization and keep cable separate from internet, allowing video stores to stay alive (p.155)
4 Newspapers moving from print to digital (p.220) Consumers are moving into the digital age completely and saves money for companies (no print) (p.220) Keep printing newspapers (p.220)
5 Publish magazines that reflect American life and show us latest products (p.257) To foster our consumer culture (p.257) Focus more on the important issues that originally started magazines (p.257)
6 Investing in mobile media and advertising (p.320) To reach consumers and get into a multibillion dollar advertising industry (p.320) Don’t focus as much on the ads. Focus more on the Web and internet searches (p.320)
7 Investigative journalism (p.418) Causes a sensation for consumers to read (p.418) Conduct interviews so not to overstep boundaries and make things seem worse than they are (p.418) 8 Increasing…

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