Essay about The Values and Beliefs of Human Services

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Latoya Richardson The Values and Beliefs of Human Services October 11, 2010 BSHS 322 Communication for Human Services Mrs. .Amy Donaldson Introduction In order to be a Human Service agent you must have discovered your values and beliefs. When you discover your values and beliefs you are underlying what you can do for your clients, what attributes you can offer them, and setting up a foundation for providing great care. Values and Beliefs All clinical interviewing is embedded in a system of values and beliefs that shape the clinical work we do (Dillion, 2003).When adapting to the world we all become familiar with what we believe in and value as a person. These keynotes, determine who we are as an individual. When considering…show more content…
When reading the information, at first it was straightforward to be able to have a question mark of debt about why these people we being referred to an agency when there was no indication what was happening with these people. Without the proper report, history, or diagnosis several things may perhaps have been mistaken. One the person may have been recommended to the wrong agency, incorrect treatment, and denied being seen for services. This is why we as professional must learn the different cues for communication. Over 65 %, of the population uses nonverbal cues (Dillion, 2003). Learning different cues, gestures, facial expressions, and body movements can assist with clinical gestalt. When an individual, can understand a person through no expressive dialect we have learned how to break a barrier. The population, which receives the majority of clinical gestalt of discrimination, is the elderly. With the increased number of older adults in the population, more and more clinical psychologists are including this group are among their clients (Lacks, July 1982) It can become easy sometimes to look at a person and make assumptions for the person that you are interviewing. For an example like the elderly woman who was sixty-six years old. When reading the first section a person may have thought to themselves they have been married for awhile. On the other hand, when reading the second exercise it became clear that they were only married for

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