The Vampire Diaries: Virgina For The Show

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Vampire Diaries is a series following the lives of two brothers known as Stefan and Damon Salvatore, eternal adolescents, trying to lead “normal” lives while they hide their bloodthirsty condition. Stefan is the seemingly good guy trying to contain his thirst for human blood while Damon, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of everything Stefan is. After centuries of being away, these two brothers return to their hometown Mystic Falls, Virginia meeting 17-year-old Elena Gilbert who has just lost her parents in a car crash. The two brothers feud over Elena but who will get the girl?

Vampire Diaries was created in 2009 and was filmed in Covington, Georgia which was renamed Mystic Falls, Virgina for the show. Georgia's 30% film and TV tax credit are what brought Vampire Diaries to Georgia. This series is just intended to entertain people and in the process bring in loads of cash which can be seen easily from when the show was produced and where it was produced as well. The audience this series is directed to is teenagers and young adults, but anybody can enjoy this show. a show like The Vampire Diaries can be a retreat or happy haven for the
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The vampire Diaries offers some vampires who avoid feeding on humans and can fall in love with mortals. It's the ultimate transformation of characters once reviled as demons into figures we can admire, cherish and even try to emulate. One of the sociophobics of society for young people is choosing the right person to love. This fear can be seen through Elena throughout the first couple seasons where she struggles to choose the right brother. Society tells her to choose Stefan but her heart tells her to choose Damon. This represents how love is for many people in today's society. Overall I feel like the Vampire Diaries is a great work of entertainment but at the same time finds ways to include life lessons as well which is very
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