The Vampire Effect Of Dracula

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Not many people would think that they can be compared to Count Dracula. Considered to be one of the most well-known monsters of all time, Count Dracula sucks the blood of his victims, which would ultimately lead to their death. While this seems like a very unique example, it can be applied to nearly every person, specifically in the college stetting. This phenomenon that can be linked to this monster is called the “vampire effect.” First used in the book ______, this term refers to the what happens in social groups due to different personality types that were caused by a difference in economic background. Set in a college dormitory, chapter 4 of the book discusses how there is a difference in the social lives of students who are quiet versus students who are more outgoing. Students who were shy were generally ignored and did not seem to partake in many social activities. While Armstrong and Hamilton suggest that the “Vampire Effect” arises due to the social students knowingly ignoring and rejecting the shyer students, that is not the case. The cycle through which the effect takes place starts with self-comparison due to economic status, envy, and self-blame, and results in anxiety and self-isolation. Although this is done unintentionally, consciously known factors such debt and class also play a role in the process. As Armstrong and Hamilton describe the “social isolates”, “Others treated the quieter roommate as sort of a sidekick or an invisible appendage” (105).
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