The Vampires Evolution : Vampire Gentlemen And Zombie Beasts

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The Vampires Evolution Vampires in the past are known as an undead and a scary monster. They are called scary monster for a number of reasons. Vampires are depicted as human corpses that revive their lives from the graves, harm living people, and seduce women. They are bloodthirsty, animated monsters that created in the folklore. According to the article “Vampire Gentlemen and Zombie Beasts” Angela Tenga and Elizabeth Zimmerman demonstrate that, “Today’s vampire is ‘a lonely immortal longing for love, family, and approval” (76). To be more specific, this monster was first created as vampire with the horror look that comes back from death, he harms human by biting and draining blood. Vampires often target lust in women's sexuality. He represents fears and desires that humans are so hesitating to approach but also attracting to vampires. Over time, vampires have evolved differently and tremendously from the day that they were born till today. In the article, “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” Cohen claims, “The monster is born at this metaphoric crossroads, as an embodiment of a certain cultural moment - of a time, a feeling, and a place” (4). Every monster reflects its own culture, it adapts and acts differently in each time. Due to the changes over time of a culture; therefore, leads to the changes in monsters. It could be the appearance that changed, it could be the personality that changed or it could be both appearance and personality that changed simultaneously. For

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