The Van Beethoven 's Musical Style And Innovations

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Luwig Van Beethoven Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany and spent his musical career in Vienna. Beethoven is “widely considered to be one of the pre-eminent classical music figures of the Western world” (Beethoven 5). Beethoven was taught music by his father, but by the age of nine he had already outstripped his father’s musical knowledge and was taken under the wing of Gottlob Neefe. Neefe “schooled Beethoven in both piano playing and basic composition, introducing him to the works of J.S. Bach -- especially the Well-Tempered Klavier - C.P.E. Bach and Mozart” (Suchet). According to Beethoven’s: Musical Style and Innovations, “Beethoven 's innovation was having the ability to rapidly establish solidity in juxtaposing different…show more content…
Beethoven’s music had an effect on the Bonn and Vienna Period. According to Kerman, there are signs that he spent some time revising or recasting an amount of his Bonn music to reflect Viennese standards and taste. The Bonn’s believed that Beethoven’s musical style was influenced by the formation and nurture of his musical personality due to Vienna. Bonn insisted that Beethoven return to Vienna due to his “works in the sonata style than of music in other genres – variations, lieder and large vocal-orchestral pieces” (Kerman). Beethoven had a very strong musical impact on Vienna due to his genre catering their musical preferences. According to Kerman, Beethoven had the “musical wherewithal to make Vienna sit up and listen” (Kerman). Being that he spent most of his musical career in Vienna, his formation of music and style was centered on Vienna’s likings. Beethoven had a big influence on the culture of music. His musical preferences inspired numerous of lives. People of all cultures adapted to the music of Beethoven due to the different musical structure he created within his works of art. He was a man with many occupations which also made his music spread throughout the world. When listening to his music it tends to be very unique from many other works of music. He had a distinct sound. Beethoven’s music had a big influence on the Western music culture. It was almost if Beethoven had developed his own genre of music. He had a big
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