The Van Gogh 's Life

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It was on March 30, 1853, in Groot-Zundert, Holland, that Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born to a preacher and an artist. His father, Theodorus Van Gogh, was described as an austere country minister who raised his sons in a religious atmosphere, while his mother, Anna Cornelia Carbentus, imparted on Vincent her love for color and art. While Vincent Van Gogh became known later in time for his heartbreaking backstory and troubled mind, melancholia remained a continuous theme in his life story even prior to his birth. In fact, Van Gogh was born exactly one year after Theodorus and Anna’s first son, also named Vincent, was delivered stillborn. This tragic timing led Vincent Van Gogh to grow up with his name and birthdate already etched onto the headstone of his dead brother. At fifteen years of age, the Van Gogh family financial troubles forced their son Vincent to leave school and work at his Uncle’s art dealership; even after leaving school this early in his life, Van Gogh was already fluent in French, German, and English, and had Dutch as his native language. This allowed for no language barrier when he was transferred to a London art gallery, where he fell in love with both English culture and Eugine Loyer. The landlady’s daughter, who was engaged to another man at the time, became the first of many heartbreaks in Vincent’s life, and her rejection of his marriage proposal sparked a breakdown for the tenant. After, telling customers not to buy “worthless art” out of anger,

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