The Vanity of Celebrity Fame: "Sunset Boulevard" and Celebrity Reality Shows

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A celebrity is not a person known for his/her talent or achievement, but an individual recognized for his/her reputation created by the media. The phase of stardom is slippery, and media may choose to represent celebrities varying from exaggerated admiration to mockery. The three texts chosen, movie "Sunset Boulevard", feature article "Over the Hilton" and television show "Celebrity Uncensored Six" are texts presenting different perception of celebrities than their usual images - either corrupted by the encircling media, overloads oneself with self-indulgence, or just mocks celebrity in a broad spectrum. Such media items empower and impresses the audience by perceiving celebrities as people who pay the price of privacy to gain well …show more content…
Besides being at the brink of madness caused by her self-denial of the passing of her fame, Norma Desmond had also become rather sexual-transgressive. Some male traits shown in Norma consist of her dominance - she demands over Max, financial independence - owns factories which constantly makes profits and her assertive nature - she fearlessly confronts her passion for Joe. The way Norma is ridiculously insane to a degree of dark humour brings sympathy, entertainment and a corrupted depiction of celebrity to audiences.

Starred by William Holden, the male protagonist, given one of the most mundane names, Joe Gillis, is a laconic character who interacts with Norma in a reciprocally dependent relationship. Without Gillis, Norma feels lifeless, loveless and powerless, she depends on him emotionally, and conversely, without Norma, Gillis is homeless, finance-less and jobless, he depends on her materialistically. Also, identical to Norma, Gillis is sexually transgressive as well. He possesses many feminine identities such as his betrayal of integrity - Joe and Norma swaps roles. He conforms to the reality where his scripts are rejected and adopt the easier role of being Norma Desmond's gigalo - weakness of character. In Gillis, audiences see a man who forfeited his personal happiness to gain money-oriented power over others - however, what he really gained is nothing, Norma nor her money can give him power. The

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