The Vapor Absorption System

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The attention of the vapor absorption system is growing in the past two decades. The major two advantages are growing up this technology that is low carbon emission technology and low electrical energy required. This system is operated with the help of low heating sources like solar power, geothermal, waste heat, low-pressure steam, and it contributes significant energy conservation. Ecofriendly working fluid leads to reduce the global warming and ozone layer depletion. The following reason is also growing the research interest of the system. It is suitable for small to very large capacity. Operating cost is too less when compared with other commercial technology, and it is required very less electrical energy to operate the pump. Less maintenance cost because of heat exchangers and there are no moving parts in the system. The installation can be done in a remote area, and it is movable. The system can be operated at various cold and refrigeration ranges from -15 to 25 °C.
1.4.1 Overview of Absorption Technology
William Cullen and Nairne invented the mechanical vapor compression system in 1755 and, it is one of the oldest refrigeration device operated based on the absorption refrigeration principle. He made ice by the distilling effect of evaporating the air. He placed water in contact with air under the receiver of a vacuum pump. The pump accelerated evaporation of the air and the temperature significantly reduced and; it freezes the water
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