The Variety of Games in a Casino

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First, the designs are very similar and serve their purposes well. Each design is created with an end goal in mind. The differences however aren’t as subtle. When comparing a casino game to a retro game for instance, the differences are vast. Interactivity is one of the key differences between quite a few of these games. Casino games, of course depending on the type, have very little interactivity. The one I played, which was Slots, was one such example. Make a bet and keep clicking the same button over and over again hoping for a good turn-out. The retro game on the other hand made me feel like I actually had a choice in what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go within the game. The worlds are much more expansion when you take this into consideration. The mobile game and online game worked pretty similar as well as far as general features. Both support a pay to win option in order to advance your character or team further. The differences between the two were pretty expansive. One is played in one world, which is the exact same as all of the others but with different art depending on the stadium being played in, the other is in a seemingly open world and focuses more on resource management and tactical battle than scoring points. Most of the games that I played provide some sort of educational experience though. The simulation teaches people about how life is in poverty, the educational…
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