The Various Causes of Leukemia

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Acute Leukemia Student Name University Name Course Name Abstract This paper discusses the facts about leukemia and highlights various factors which become its causes. Description of the signs and symptoms of this disease are also discussed. There are specialized tests which are conducted to diagnose this disease. In addition, certain health patterns are described which are disturbed by leukemia. Acute Leukemia Leukemia is a wider term used to describe a range of anomalies. Cancer of the blood cells or bone marrow is referred to as leukemia (Rose, 2004). It is a condition in which the number of immature white blood cells increases at a rapid rate. When the number of immature cells increase to such a level that it becomes difficult for the bone marrow to generate new blood cells, this condition is called acute leukemia (Smith, 1996). Etiology There is no particular cause of this disease. It mainly occurs due to the mutation occurring in the genes. Some type of mutation can activate leukemia by putting off the tumour suppressor genes. In this way, they subdue the working of the cells and various functions like cell division, death and differentiation. Such mutations or changes occur in the genes when the body is exposed to some sorts of cancer causing substances or radiation. Some chemicals like benzene and viruses like T-Lymphotropic virus also contributes to this disease (Vardiman, Thiele et al., 2008). Path physiological Processes Due to the increased abnormal
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