The Various Elements of Marketing

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Definition of Marketing is,
“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” – CIM Definition.
Definition of Marketing Process is,
“Business function and management skills. It requires planning, analysing, resource allocation, control and investment, skilled workers and other physical resources” – Edexcel Business study guide. Therefore, the various elements of marketing is the Boots Marketing Mix.

The various elements of marketing process that Boots adapts

According to Boots UK that Boots promotes family values and the marketing process is to find Boots customers’ needs and wants then find the necessary demand for specific products and supply them for
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Customer satisfaction: Boots offer affordable price. Customer might chose Boots over supermarkets If a customer only wants to buy a certain product which is also in Boots and do not want to share the Pay booth with other customers with big trollies. Also, customers prefer to come to store and buy all their health and beauty products from Boots brand and other brands under a one roof. Once customers’ expectations are met then customers are satisfied.
Service and customer care: Boots focus on customer care since their concept is customer-centred. They provide necessary training for their staffs to obtain customer service skills to provide high quality customer care.
Customer retention and Relationship marketing: In 1997, Boots introduced Advantage Card. Boots analyses their customers shopping habits. In order to retain their customers, boots will provide promotional vouchers to the advantage card holders. Retaining the existing customers is less costly than attracting new customers.
Customer profitability: Boots offers £5 off from No 7 product when customers buy any product from the store for more than £5. This deals draw the customer again and again to the store.
Therefore, the Boots revenue will rise and when take away the cost (of products, services, advertisement, safety checks on the products, utilities and workforce salaries and incentives) from the revenue, the Boots will be
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