The Various Forms Of Entertainment

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Various forms of entertainment in today 's culture includes animals. Animals are often used for entertainment purposes in today 's culture. Some say animals in entertainment is cruel and unfair to the animals. Although, these animals are being critically cared for and given loads of attention. Therefore, Many believe animals in entertainment shouldn 't be legal because animals are treated horribly; however, others disagree believing animals have purpose to entertain and enjoy what they do. Animals in entertainment have been around for awhile now. For example, the first zoo was opened to public in London the year of 1847 (“Zoo”). Animals have been used for human amusement for ages. Zoos aren 't the only industry that animals began to be used for in this time period. The circus is another way animals were used as entertainment. When the circus first became an event it generally consisted of “displays of horsemanship; exhibitions by gymnasts, aerialists, wild-animal trainers, and performing animals; and comic pantomime by clowns” (“Circus”). Today most circuses still do consist of the same things but there are greatly less shows. Zoos are also becoming less popular in today 's culture. Even though many believe zoos are pointless and uneducational, others acknowledge the value of the lessons zoos teach and the experiences that come with it. For instance, Masci states, “animals kept in captivity suffer enormous harm -- driving someone to the point of madness. Many
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