The Various Leadership Styles

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Leadership There are various leadership styles that are employed in the process of ensuring that organizations perform at their best. One fact is that not a single leadership style qualifies to be used in all the organizations due to the diversity in the nature of organizations and what they deal in. each organization will adapt a given leadership style depending on the nature of the business they engage in as well as the leader they have. Transformational Leadership Under this leadership style, the leader is a true leader who strives to inspire the entire team through having a shared vision concerning the future of the organization as well as the team members. This type of leader is highly visible within the organization and they also spend a lot of time communicating. It is worth noting however that they do not necessarily lead from the front as would be though but this type of leaders will delegate responsibilities quite a lot to the team members. They are noted to have an infectious enthusiasm and still will need support by detailed people. Transformational leadership is further defined as one that facilitates a redefinition of a people's mission and vision, a renewal of their commitment and the restructuring of their systems for goal accomplishment. It is a relationship of mutual stimulation and elevation that converts followers into leaders and may convert leaders into moral agents. Hence, transformational leadership must be grounded in moral foundations.'
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