The Various Perspectives of Globalization in Bill McKibben's Book 'Deep Economy'

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Whereas the founding principle of globalization is to make processes for commerce international, thereby reducing the world to a single 'global village', McKibben largely advocates the opposite approach within this manuscript: localization. In fact, the author implicitly and explicitly states that globalization is producing a number of noxious effects that can only be rectified by localization. The international and national economies that globalization is based upon is not only slowly draining monetary resources, but also the very fostering of globalization via remote communication (such as the internet or wireless devices) is actually serving to alienate people from those who they are closet to their neighbors. Within Deep Economy, however, the author posits the viewpoint that a monetary approach based on local economics can not only conserve what remaining natural, cheap sources of energy that are still left on the planet, but also create a true sense of community that can empower and ultimately bring fulfillment to the lives of the people who participate in it.
One of the principle points that McKibben delineates is the fact that a local economy can not only rectify the problems that have expanded via the means of globalization such as the conundrum that consuming more is somehow inherently better, when it simply leaves a void for future consumption but also…
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