The Various Types of and Uses for Endoscopes Essay examples

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Introduction to Endoscopy Business
To grow the GDP of any nation, it needs their workforce healthy and on job as quick as possible, falling ill and requiring hospitalization is something which one can prevent but certainly cannot avoid. In today’s era healthcare industry is the fastest and consistently growing industry which involves research and technology the most due to ever changing patient demographics. Discoveries of new diseases and disorders, gives rise to more and more requirement of newer and better technologies for their faster treatment.
Moreover, in India, there has been noticed a rise in middle class population who have high purchasing power. More and more people are becoming conscious on the part of their health, getting
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Physicians now have started regarding endoscopy as the primary process of diagnosis and treatment, also will regularly schedule this procedure in advance of an imaging scan.
Short history of Endoscopy
Reports point out that the first endoscope was invented in 1805. It consisted of a large tube and a candle. Because it was awkward and huge it had very limited uses. Fiber optics, which came into view in the 1960s, was a key factor in the endoscopy revolution. With fiber optics it actually became feasible for the doctor to observe and record the inside of the patient's body with a small and relatively painless device.
An endoscope can be integrated with surgical instruments; it can send pulses or heat and electricity and obliterate small tumors or gall stones. Endoscopes have their own names according to their application, such as:
• Bronchoscopes - they examine the air passages and the lungs.
• Colonoscopes - they examine the colon.
• Gastroscopes - they examine the small intestine, stomach and esophagus (throat).
• Arthroscopes - they examine the joints.
• Hysteroscopes - they examine a woman's uterus.
• Cystoscopes - they examine the urinary bladder.
• Laparascopes – they examine the abdominal cavity

Types of endoscopies
Below mentioned is a list of several types of endoscopies with their meanings:
• Amnioscopy - examination of the amniotic cavity and fetus.
• Arthroscopy - examination of the joints.
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