Essay about The Vark Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?

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The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?
VARK questionnaire is composed of many fundamentals that associated with people’s preferred learning styles. VARK questionnaire help leaners identify their specific learning methods to focus on learning material with important segments. Any profession can use VARK learning methods to teach or introduce study materiel to their associates. The VARK questionnaire is based on four scores and there are five different learning strategies and they are, multimodal, visual, aural, read-write, kinesthetic. When an Individual takes the VARK questionnaire assessment, they will be scored under these four learning methods: visual aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. Each individual learning method are
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They are uncertain about any learning that comes in only one way and they want to reinforce it by adding other modes of input or output. This group tends to have total VARK scores above 30 though the boundaries are not definite. (Please use citations from VARK multimodal extend report).

Accruing a score of 47 definitely place my learning strategies in multimodal with Whole-sense approach group. This composed of
Taking notes as much as possible
Writing down lectures and rewriting same lecture after class
Join study group and go over lectures with partners
Reprocessing lectures into my own words (phrase)
Assure lecture notes are correct (compare with study group) Questing unsure study material, until clear answers are provided

In comparison of my preferred learning strategies and VARK identified strategies for myself were exactly identical. Different learning strategies assure the context in every lecture or study materials are well explained. Also with the application of VARK, individuals can breakdown and simplify challenging subjects. For example, students can draw out lectures or reading out lectures loudly can identify the doubts existed in particular part and can seek for clarification.

At high school my approach (cultural based institutional approach) totally based on reading/writing. Aural methods of learning start fading at junior high, and
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