The Vascular Species Of Flora Essay

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The naturalised vascular species of flora throughout New Zealand at present has similar totals to the native species (Williams & Cameron, 2006), and newly naturalised species are being discovered at an increasing rate (Howell, 2008). Approximately 19% of all naturalised species are presently recorded as environmental weeds (Howell, 2008). Unfortunately, these statistics can, incorrectly, give the impression that New Zealand environments are inundated with an abundance of diverse weeds. Rather, the majority of naturalised plants, together with weeds, still inhabit a mere fraction of the wild-land habitats throughout New Zealand (Williams & Wiser, 2004). In the centuries to come, it is predicted that weeds and other naturalised floras will increasingly occupancy areas of New Zealand, even for millenniums as has appeared to have occurred with Europe’s naturalised plants (Pysek & Jarosik, 2005). The general origins of naturalised flora species were as decorative garden and feature plants (Howell, 2008), as such they commonly are present near human settlements (Timmins & Williams, 1991). When random wild-land sites were surveyed few, if any, environmental weed species are generally found (Sullivan, Williams, & Timmins, 2006). This suggests that environmental weeds are generally in the initial stages of infiltration into New Zealand’s environments, thus, there is an opportunity to curb further dispersal. Methods of long distance dispersal differ among environmental weed and

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