The Vast Culture Of Scotland

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Scotland has always been seen as one the main European countries and a major part of the United Kingdom. Scotland was an independent country up until the year 1701 when the Act of the Union was signed forming the United Kingdom. The original countries in the United Kingdom include England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Scotland is also well known as the home of golf. Golf can be traced back to Scotland all the way back in 1457. In this report we will talk about the vast culture of Scotland and how they compare to us, the economy of Scotland and how they make a living as a country and as citizens, and also about their government and how they are similar to us and differ from us. CULTURE In Scotland, there are so many different religions that people practice. The largest of all the religions is Christianity. The majority of the population in Scotland practice Christianity. In Scotland, Christmas and Easter are celebrated regularly. The second largest religion in Scotland, behind Christianity is Islam. Islam is practiced in Mosques or in Islamic Centres in all major cities and in major towns. The third largest religion in Scotland is Sikhism (Religions in Scotland). Sikhism is a religion that was founded over 500 years ago. It now has over 20 million people worldwide that practice this religion. This religion preaches that you should remember God at all times and it also says that all men and women are equal (Sikhism Religion of the Sikh People). Next I
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