The Vast History of the Carnegie Science Center

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to nearly 300,000 Americans. Pittsburgh is the world’s steel and glass capital, ketchup, and the world’s first radio broadcasting station. This city also holds one of the greatest science centers in the United States. This center is known as the Carnegie Science Center. This science center is home to two different science centers that came together as one. It has a very vast history and importance to its region. Its ability to attract families and people all of ages have made it so popular. This science center did not start off as just a science center. This center was created by Andrew Carnegie, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who had a big plan. Andrew Carnegie was born November 25, 1825 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. His family had a huge interest in books and education. He and his family arrived to United States in 1848. Carnegie began working at the age of 13 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. He eventually became a telegraph messenger and then moved up and became an assistant to one of the most important railroad officials. He then learned the ropes of the railroad industry and business. In 1856, he became superintendent. Over the next 10 years, Carnegie became known as a steel tycoon and started his own steel company. He became establishing different plants throughout the country. By the late 1800’s, the Carnegie Steel Corporation became the largest steel company in the world. By the time the world entered the 1900’s, Carnegie’s prime
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